Google's new Motorola ad one-ups Apple: It's <i>all-</i>American

Perhaps spurred by Apple embracing "Designed in California," Google's tease of its new Moto X claims it's "designed, engineered and assembled in the USA." Just in time for July 4.

Chris Matyszczyk

Timing is everything.

Motorola has discovered this a few times in its interesting history.

So now that it is a Google company, it is attempting to time the launch of its new Moto X phone perfectly.

It has released a teasingly emotive ad, placing its hand on its heart and its flag in the ground.

While Apple has merely embraced the concept of its products being designed in California, Motorola thumbs its nose and displays its all-American credentials.

In ad due to appear July 3, the headline reads: "The first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA is coming."

I am grateful to AdAge for spotting this patriotic poem, one that explains that with the Moto X, it's a Motorola morning in America.

The ad gargles breathlessly: "Some said it couldn't be done. But we're not just any company. And nothing this exciting ever comes easily."

You might imagine, though, that Motorola stops short of declaring itself as freedom's new pioneer. You might also imagine that Google's engineers are paid in wood chips and elderflowers.

For the ad boasts: "Tomorrow, you'll eat burgers, watch fireworks and celebrate the freedom to be whoever you want to be. It's with this same spirit that we're bringing you something new."

Let's hope the phone is really good then, or this might be the first instance of a whole nation suing just one company for defamation.