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Google's Buzz button ready for publishers

If Digging, Tweeting, Facebook sharing, and the dozens of other content-sharing buttons weren't enough, now Google Buzz has one for Web publishers to place alongside their content.

Google hopes a new button for Web publishers will increase Buzz usage.

Social-networking buttons for sharing content are nearly ubiquitous on the sites of Web publishers (including this one) but Google had yet to release an official button for Buzz, its social-networking service unveiled earlier this year. A few publishers had taken it upon themselves to create such a button, but Google's version is ready for publishers to add to their sites; there's also a button that individuals can use to encourage others to follow them on Buzz.

After the privacy uproar following Buzz's launch, the service seems to have settled into its own. It's not clear yet just how many people are using Buzz, but if use of the buttons catches on, Buzz will rank alongside the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Digg as sharing options for news and entertainment content.

Google declined to release usage statistics for Buzz, which has been live for a little over two months.