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Google Street View's naked lady

An image of a naked woman in her Miami garden is spotted on Google Street View. This morning, it has finally been blurred out.

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It is well accepted that, if there were commercial gain involved, Google might not be averse to peering inside the most intimate parts of your life.

However, sometimes the company manages to cast its gaze without even realizing just how close to you it is.

I am sure some will be grateful to the always generous Smoking Gun for leading them (in a SFW way) to a street in Miami, where a woman is standing outside her front door naked. (The story of these interesting pixels was originally broken by the Random Pixels blog)

Oh, of course it's on Google Street View. Where else would you find truly unguarded moments, like a 10-year-old playing dead or, indeed, a naked man in an open car trunk?

Oh, you didn't really think I'd post the "before" version, did you? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In the Miami case, it appears the lady may have spotted Google's marauding recording vehicle, for in a subsequent shot on the site she attempts to cover up.

The nude pose was still up in all its glory last night. However, this morning it's blurred. What remains is merely a shot of her house and the blurry image of a naked ghost.

There will be those who will wonder what the naked lady might have been doing outside her house in a clothing-optional state. The obvious answer would be that Miami is very hot. In this case, the naked lady appeared to be washing. Though this might have merely been a scene from yet another M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Still, one can only wonder what other gems might still exist on a service that, with its real-time captures of a microcosm of the world, tells us how people really spend their days.