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Google imbibes the WINE

Google is giving back to WINE. I just wish it were giving more of its own code away.

Ars Technica notes Google's good deed for the day: contributing code improvements to the WINE project (open source implementation of the Windows API for Linux, Unix) to improve interoperability with Adobe Photoshop and Dragon Naturally Speaking, among other things:

Google software engineer Dan Kegel posted a message to the Wine mailing list last week describing some of the improvements to Wine that Google has sponsored in the past year. These improvements, says Kegel, have substantially improved the Linux compatibility of several popular commercial software applications, including Adobe Photoshop and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

I'd personally rather see more native applications written for Mac OS X and Linux, as I've never met an emulator that really delivered in terms of stability and performance. Still, WINE is a good project and it's good to see Google actively contributing to a wide variety of open-source projects.