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Google Glass and guns: The movie

You've thought about this for some time, haven't you? What would it be like to shoot guns wearing Google Glass? Here's your first taste.

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Modern excitement? Cheekflapperer/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

They're the perfect modern, renegade couple.

So many people want them banned that it's a wonder they haven't gotten together before now. Each, in its way, is said to be a vast threat to a civilized society.

But if they join forces, won't things just be unbearable?

An enterprising YouTuber with the handle "cheekflapperer" (you ask him why he's called that. I won't. He's got guns) decided to see what it would be like to shoot a variety of weapons with Google Glass perched on his nose.

So he went to a range and began filming.

Frankly, I'm amazed that serial Google Glass filmmaker Chris Barrett hasn't already thought of this.

Still, cheekflapperer bit the bullet and decided to see how unflappable he felt and what interesting images might ensue.

I have a very good friend who possesses several AR-15s, because he lives in fear of something he calls "The Liberal Apocalypse." (He's promised to defend me.)

So I fancy he and many others will find this footage mighty exciting. The bullet casings emerging in slow motion are especially fetching.

However, in the YouTube comments, cheekflapperer says he found the experience imperfect.

He wrote: "I don't recommend using it outside of just testing or trying to shoot videos. The display really gets in the way of my sights, and if you want eye protection you have to use the custom inserts (only comes with tinted, and probably not impact rated)."

I would hope that Larry and Sergey's people are already working on a solution for that.

Given that we'll all soon be living lives that are entirely contained by our clever glasses, they'll want to make sure that anyone who needs to shoot first and ask questions later won't have any questions about his own shooting performance.