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Google fills search with Zagat ratings

Apple CEO Tim Cook says changes are coming to Siri, Twitter's dropping the hashbang, and Google teams up with Zagat to add ratings to local searches.

It's time to rate your world on Google+ Local, double down on secrets and lose the hashbang:

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Google+ has teamed up with Zagat to add a new feature encouraging users to review local establishments. It's called Google+ Local, and even if you don't use Google+, you'll start to see these ratings pop up around Google search and maps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared some interesting comments at the D10 conference Tuesday. To summarize, Cook didn't say if Apple was working on a television set, he vowed that the company will "double down" on keeping products a secret, and that Siri will be getting new features soon.

Xbox 360 users can access Amazon Instant Video, which requires a subscription to Amazon Prime. The service has been available already on Roku and the PlayStation 3.

Twitter announced that it is updating the site to load faster and getting rid of the "hashbang," which is the #! in URLs. (Who even called it that?)

Reuters reports that the Federal Trade Commission will investigate Facebook's proposed $1 billion purchase of Instagram to make sure the deal complies with antitrust law.

In 2009, the band No Doubt sued Activision for how the game Band Hero portrayed Gwen Stefani's avatar. That caseis now set to be heard by a jury sometime this year. At issue is the ability to unlock Gwen's avatar, which lets her sing any song in the game. The lawsuit takes particular issue with how Gwen's image can sing Rolling Stone's "Honky Tonk Women" (a song about sleeping with prostitutes) in a male voice. Activision says it disclosed this avatar unlock feature to No Doubt when the band agreed to be a part of the game.

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