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Google doodle offers a thank-you to teachers

Doodle spotlights National Teachers Day, highlighting teachers' efforts to encourage our intellectual development.


Teachers are among a special class of careers. They give selflessly because they have chosen to dedicate their lives for the betterment of the world around us -- often for a wage that doesn't allow them to live in the same community as their pupils.

To highlight that dedication and the lasting contribution teachers make to our lives, Google published an animated doodle on Tuesday for National Teachers Day in the US. It's just one in a series of special days honoring teachers observed in countries around the world, sometimes with roots stretching back a century.

The doodle depicts a teacher expanding the minds of curious and astonished pupils on a variety of subjects -- a relationship Google says is a cornerstone to our intellectual growth.

"On this day we take a moment to appreciate those who dedicate their lives to encouraging our intellectual development, be it through mathematics, ecology, astronomy, chemistry, biology, or any other subject we may explore," Google said in a description explaining the doodle. "Teachers nurture our intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

"They help shape us and guide our development," the company said.

And often without the personal acknowledgement and appreciation they are due.

So today please take a moment to thank a teacher for their devotion to making all of our lives better.

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