Google Doodle honors Will Rogers, 'America's Cowboy Philosopher,' on his 140th birthday

The entertainer famously remarked, "I never met a man I didn't like."

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The famous cowboy entertainer Will Rogers was part Cherokee.

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Google on Monday lassoed an animated Doodle to honor actor, humorist and cowboy Will Rogers on what would have been his 140th birthday. Google said it chose to remember the entertainer, who was a member of the Cherokee Nation, as part of Native American Indian Heritage Month.

Rogers, who became known as "America's Cowboy Philosopher," was born on Nov. 4, 1879, on a frontier ranch near what would later become Oologah, Oklahoma. He grew up working with Texas longhorns and had a knack for rope tricks, which led to him performing in Wild West shows and on Broadway in the Ziegfeld Follies

The Google Doodle honoring Will Rogers was created by artist Kevin Laughlin.


Rogers starred in numerous films, hosted a popular radio show, wrote bestselling books and became a social commentator. In 1926, Rogers famously said, "I have never met a man I didn't like," in reference to Marxist revolutionary Leon Trotsky. The quote became a popular adage when referring to politicians and world leaders who held unpopular beliefs.

"Will Rogers was an unofficial ambassador for the United States and had a presence that can still be felt to this day," Jennifer Rogers-Etcheverry, the great-granddaughter of Will Rogers, said for the Google Doodle bio. "Will spoke to the common man and gave ease and relief to those suffering from everything including natural disasters and the Great Depression." 

He died in 1935 in a plane crash in Alaska when he was 55.

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