Google Doodle aims to help button up your voter registration

Election day is quickly approaching, and Google is reminding voters to make sure they can vote.

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The midterm elections in November are fast approaching, and Google wants to help you make sure you're ready to participate.

As of Tuesday, election day is exactly six weeks away, so Google thought the time was right to use a Doodle adorned with campaign-like buttons to remind US voters to make sure they're actually registered to pull the levers on Nov. 6.

The Doodle links to the Google search term "how to register to vote #RegisterToVote," surfacing voter registration sites such as USA.gov and official resources at your state level. The sites include information on how and where to register, helping you determine whether you're eligible to vote, and updating your registration information to ensure there are no holes in the process -- until you actually punch them, that is.

The Doodle comes out amid a pivotal election, as Democrats appear to be in position to retake control of the House of Representatives. A CBS News poll released Sunday determined that Democrats would win 224 seats -- or six more than 218 seats needed for a majority -- if the elections were held Tuesday.

If you're a fan of Google Doodles, keep an eye on them as the election draws closer. During 2016's race for the White House, Google published a series of cute Doodles to remind voters to get out to their polling place. The Doodles included links to information about local measures and candidates on your specific ballot, where you can vote, and even how to vote in English and Spanish.

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