Good sign for Blu? Blu-ray theft on the rise

A recent report at Video Business indicates that Blu-ray theft is on the rise, which may actually be good news for a format trying to prove that consumers actually want its product.

Matthew Moskovciak Senior Associate Editor / Reviews - Home theater
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Matthew Moskovciak
I'm betting The Dark Knight was the most popular stolen disc.
I'm betting The Dark Knight was the most popular stolen disc.

It's never good news that your products are being stolen, except maybe if you're selling Blu-ray. Video Business has an excellent story on rising theft of Blu-ray Discs, and how retailers are taking action to stop it. According to the article, the percentage of stolen Blu-ray Discs compared to total sales could be in the double digits, where the same statistic for DVDs is around 1.5 percent. The article also mentions that retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart are storing the discs in special security cases to make them more difficult to steal.

It's not that surprising that Blu-ray discs are popular with thieves, given their small size and relatively high price. Of course, the reason it's good news for Blu-ray is that it means that people actually want Blu-ray Discs, regardless of whether the thieves are keeping the discs or selling them. The most persistent argument against Blu-ray is that consumers just don't care about the new technology, and this seems to be another data point indicating that's not the case.

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