God of War Collection Q&A

With God of War III coming in March 2010, Sony and Santa Monica Studios are set to release both original God of War games on a single Blu-ray Disc this month.

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With God of War III coming in March 2010, Sony and Santa Monica Studios are set to release both original God of War games on a single Blu-ray disc for the PlayStation 3 this month. Packed with a high-definition upgrade and smooth 60-frames-per-second performance, the God of War Collection will also include a voucher for the E3 2009 God of War III demo.

We spoke with John Hight, Director of Product Development for Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, at Santa Monica Studio to find out what else we can expect from the game.

JB: Why should someone who maybe has played both original God of War titles for the PS2 want to pick up the Collection?
JH: For the same reason you watch a favorite movie or listen to a favorite song. These are epic, well-crafted games that stand the test of time. Seeing these moments in HD makes the memory that much more real.

JB: What advantages does Blu-ray provide?
JH: With Blu-ray, we were able to place both games and the bonus video content on a single disc.

JB: Is there any new content in these games?
JH: We've added PlayStation Network Trophy support so you can compare progress with your friends and see how you measure up to Kratos' high standards for combat and exploration.

JB: Are there any other technical improvements we'll see in the Collection besides anti-aliasing and 60fps?
JH: We "up-rezzed" some of the textures and the user interface to match the higher resolution of the models and environments.

JB: The original God of War games were praised for their great control and gameplay mechanics. Was it difficult to preserve that experience during the revamping of the games?
JH: You'll find these games faithful to the originals in every respect. The extra horsepower of the PS3 allowed us to keep both games at a consistent 60fps. Most people may not notice, but it improves the responsiveness.

JB: And a follow-up to the above: was there anything being considered for the Collection that was taken out because it compromised the feeling of the original games?
JH: We had a few requests to go in and tweak the difficulty of some areas but decided against changing things--why mess with success?

God of War Collection is set for release on November 17. Check back then for our final thoughts on the game!