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Go way retro with this mechanical-typewriter computer keyboard

You love the look and feel of old typewriters, but don't want to give up the comforts of modern technology. Meld the two with the Qwerkywriter keyboard.

Go back in time without sacrificing modern tech. Qwerkytoys

Your computer keyboard is a bore. It's a long piece of plastic with more pieces of plastic sticking out. It's not glamorous. It doesn't conjure up images of Ernest Hemingway leaning over a desk, composing great masterpieces of literature. What you need is more excitement from a keyboard. You need a Qwerkywriter from Qwerkytoys.

The Qwerkywriter is a mechanical keyboard with USB and Bluetooth. It also happens to look like someone removed it from a vintage Smith Corona. It has 84 keys and an integrated tablet stand, though its 3-pound weight means it's not really an ideal portable keyboard. Perhaps the best feature, other than the retro good looks, is the sound the keyboard makes. It gives off some satisfying clicks reminiscent of old typewriters.

Qwerkytoys has a hand-built proof-of-concept prototype and is in the engineering feasibility phase of the operation, turning the prototype into 3D files to refine the design and get quotes for parts. The keyboard is currently available for preorder for $309 (roughly £189, AU$349) with an expected ship date somewhere in the summer of 2015. The eventual retail price will be $399 (about £244, AU$450), and the product will ship internationally.

The Qwerkywriter originally appeared on Kickstarter, where it handily surpassed its $90,000 goal to the tune of nearly $130,000. That's how badly people want to pretend they're still using old typewriters, because old typewriters are extremely cool, but also extremely inconvenient considering our modern options for digital devices.

Qwerkywriter owners may not end up turning out the next "The Sun Also Rises," but chances are there will be some pretty great LOLcat memes composed on these keyboards.

Qwerkywriter with tablet
The Qwerkywriter also acts as a tablet stand. Qwerkytoys

(Via Boing Boing)