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'Any AI smart enough to pass a Turing Test knows to fail it': Girt by CNET podcast 64

Is humanity about to be challenged by a hyper-intelligent GoBot? Will we all be watching Freeview on the train when it happens? More importantly, what dessert are Google going to name the next version of Android after?


As if it's not enough that Google are working to replace us physically with the Atlas robot, its also experimenting with replacing us as the primary sapient species on the planet.

Google Deepmind's AlphaGo, who anyone over 35 knows should have been called GoBot, is winning its way through a series of five matches against the world's second-highest ranked Go player. It's a fascinating look at adaptive learning behaviour in an machine, but the question remains: Why, as soon as we build something, do we immediately pit ourselves against it?

FreeviewPlus is having a bit of a resurgence, with the TV service announcing its intention to build a mobile-first app. But is it a little too late to get Australia on board?

Google has also broken with its usual development cycle and started talking about Android N, the next iteration of its mobile OS. Better battery life and split screen function are on the cards, but what we don't know is what sweet treat the team will be naming this one after. Nutella? Nougat? Normandie Cake?

Girt by CNET podcast 64

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