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Girl Scout 2023 Raspberry Rally Cookies: Here's How the Newest Flavor Tastes

I tried the newest Girl Scout cookies from both ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. Here's how they compare.

Raspberry rally girl scout cookies
Honey, wake up, new Girl Scout cookie just dropped.
Girl Scouts

First, just so we're clear about where my loyalties are, I'm a Samoas fan. If you know, you know. But the Girl Scouts are adding a new flavor to their cookie collection next year, which is a chance to reevaluate my pick. It's called Raspberry Rally and it looks much like the popular Thin Mints from the outside. Since I've tried every current Girl Scout cookie on the market, I had to give this one a go.

I received two packages of the cookies -- one in a plastic wrap from ABC Bakers and one in a box from Little Brownie Bakers, the two official bakeries of Girl Scout cookies. For many of the cookies, the appearance and taste are somewhat different as each bakery uses its own recipe. In my previous taste tests, I've leaned toward the cookies from Little Brownie Bakers.

Keep reading to see how my taste test went with Raspberry Rally cookies from both bakeries. I'll also tell you how you can try these yourself when they're available in 2023.

Here's what Raspberry Rally cookies taste like

When the new Raspberry Rally cookies arrived at my house, it was a hot day so the cookies were a bit melted, which certainly affected their appearance. I put them in the freezer for a bit to solidify the chocolate. You shouldn't face this challenge as it'll be wintertime when you order these next year. 

I opened the cookies from ABC Bakers first, and I immediately could smell the chocolate aroma. Had the chocolate not melted and revealed the insides, I could easily mistake these for the Thin Mints, as they have the same thin appearance coated in chocolate -- the cookie part is light pink. Once I took a bite, I immediately liked these cookies. They're soft with just a bit of crunch and melt in your mouth. The raspberry flavor really stands out.

Next up were the cookies from Little Brownie Bakers. When I opened the box, these cookies weren't melted like the ones from ABC -- maybe the chocolate recipe is different? LBB's cookies even smell different -- more like raspberry and less like chocolate. I took the first bite and they were much different from the others -- I like these better. The texture reminds me of a soft shortbread cookie. The center is a darker pink, the raspberry flavor isn't as overpowering and the cookie tastes more natural than those from ABC. 

Which one's the winner? Definitely the ones from Little Brownie Bakers, in my opinion, but you'll have to give them a try yourself. Do I like them better than Samoas? No. Those will always be my favorite.

raspberry rally cookies in package

Think Thin Mints, but with raspberry instead.

Girl Scouts

Where can you get the Raspberry Rally cookies?

While it may be more convenient to head to your nearest Girl Scout cookie booth, you won't find the Raspberry Rally cookies there. Unlike the Samoas and Do-si-dos, your local Girl Scouts won't have any boxes readily available.

Raspberry Rally will be an online-exclusive, so the cookies will be shipped right to your door. You can also place an order with a Girl Scout in your neighborhood if you don't want to order online to have them shipped to you.

Why will the cookies only be available online? The Girl Scouts organization says it's "enhancing girls' e-commerce sales and entrepreneurial skills" to teach scouts skills in business, finance and entrepreneurship.

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