Getting touchy with the newest iPod

Apple's iPod Touch made it into the wild a bit earlier than expected, but folks are finding some quibbles with Cupertino's latest.

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Ina Fried
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Apple's iPod Touch has made it into the wild and folks are finding lots of little details to note about Cupertino's latest addition to the iPod lineup.

First off, the hacks that work on the iPhone to add additional software don't appear to be working on the iPod Touch, though many in the macosphere expressed hope that it's just a temporary setback.

Second, a few people say that, rather than running Mac OS X, they got a device that only runs diagnostics. That's no fun when it comes to music playing, but folks are playing up the fact there is a "bluetooth" control panel, even if it does say "nothing to see here."

Finally, the iPod Touch doesn't appear to be showing up as a drive within the Mac OS, something that many had hoped for and appears to be a feature on Apple's technical spec sheet for the device. "Stores data via USB flash drive," is Apple's exact wording on that point.

Some folks are also saying the screen isn't as easy to view as the iPhones and that the virtual keyboard is less responsive. And, there's still grumbling over the fact that one can't add calendar items on the fly--a feature originally expected for the device.

The gadget did arrive a little earlier than expected. Folks reported getting the devices starting Thursday. The Apple store in downtown San Francisco was sold out by mid-day Friday, however.

My online order, placed the day Steve Jobs introduced the device, has had its status changed to "prepared for shipping." Hey, I've been prepared for it to ship since Sept. 5. As Veruca Salt would say. "I want it now."

Update 9 p.m.: I originally said Violet Beauregarde, when, as a reader pointed out, I clearly should have said Veruca Salt. Straight to bed and no candy for me.