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Get your Apollo 11 wastewater now

An auction of special space and aviation artifacts is to be held in two weeks. It includes a lunar bible. It also includes genuine Apollo 11 wastewater.

I know there are many people who love collecting things. I don't necessarily understand them. But I do feel their joy.

So if you happen to be a fan of collecting space and waste matter, I believe I have found the perfect item for your consideration.

The lovely people at RR Auction have scoured the Earth and the galaxy to bring you items that you might never have thought you would have on display in your living room--next to the bottle of Smirnoff.

A bible that has been to the moon, for example, on Apollo 14. Or a letter typed (perhaps by one small finger) by Neil Armstrong. There's also a flight plan for Apollo 11, signed by Buzz Aldrin and marked by Michael Collins.

Then there's Apollo 11's waste matter.

R.R Auction

No, I am not emitting wasteful words of wrong-headedness. The prospectus offered by the organizers describes the exhibit thus: "A sample of wastewater taken from the Apollo 11 command module after its return to Earth. The item is a 2.5-inch tall bottle about one-quarter of the way full of the clear liquid. A typed label affixed to the glass reads 'Apollo 11, Post Flight Waste Tank 0720Z 7/25/69.'"

You are no doubt churning at the solar plexus to hear where this matter might have been originally wasted. The prospectus offers: "According the consignor, the liquid is actually condensation formed as a result of the astronauts breathing."

The minimum bid for this fine and lasting item is a mere $200.

The auctioneers say that they have many in-house experts--as well as third parties--who authenticate these valuable items. I cannot find detail of precisely how the wastewater was authenticated. I cannot find quite the courage to imagine either.

The Space and Aviation Autograph and Artifact Auction begins on September 15 and lasts a week. I feel sure that for very many this will not be a waste of space.

R.R Auction