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Get to know the CNET family: Q&A with Danielle Ramirez

Get to know Danielle, a mom, a Jurassic Park fan, and the incredible sorcerer behind CNET Magazine.

James Martin/CNET

Take a step behind the scenes at CNET to get to know some of our staff members better and learn what they do to make our site a success.

Hello CNET readers and community members, here we are with another installment of "Get to know the CNET family." Today I'm introducing you to the sorcerer behind CNET Magazine, Danielle Ramirez.  Everything you see in CNET Magazine, she has her hand in and if you are subscribed to CNET Magazine, I know for a fact Danielle is not only smiling ear to ear, but giving you a virtual high-five right now! (Right, Danielle?) Oh, and if you aren't subscribed to the magazine yet -- not only are you missing out on a kick-ass magazine, but you're missing out on that high five, so get subscribing. She'll thank you for it! 

Danielle recently joined the ranks of being a mom, and I tell ya, her son has the cutest smile ever. From what I hear she is a fashionista too, so if you want tips, hit her up in the comments section. Now without delay, here she is, folks! 

On set for the Summer 2017 cover shoot with Tom Holland

Danielle Ramirez/CNET

Q: What's your job title and what do you do? 

A: I am the Senior Production Manager for CNET Magazine. I book cover talent, plan cover shoots, work with editorial on a story road map, collaborate with design, do a final review prior to going to the printer and manage the process of putting the cover Q&A online. Check out the latest feature with Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man

Q: What's a fun fact about you related to work? 

A: I met my husband here :) 

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job? 

A: My job is all about coordinating, organizing and scheduling. It's pretty much the perfect combination for me, but there are times, typically when we're closing an issue, when it can be really challenging. The stress of closing an issue is its own beast, and on top of that each issue goes through multiple levels and departments of approvals. So things can take a while, even though you don't have a lot of time.   

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? 

A: Holding the issue of CNET magazine in my hands! 

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Selfie with Zoe Saldana

Danielle Ramirez/CNET

Q: What was the first tech gadget you owned? 

A: VTech Socrates -- or for those who were in the know, just Socrates. Socrates was an educational gaming console that parents could purchase for their unknowing child and let them think they're just playing video games. It was basically a combo of Microsoft Paint, seek-and-find puzzles and Wheel of Fortune. Well, that's how I remember it at least. And it was glorious.   

Q: What's the most influential tech item in your life? 

A: My iPhone! I live and die by it. Before I had a baby I was obsessed with my phone for texting and social, but now that I'm a mom, I'm absolutely lost without it. I use it to track my son's day-to-day activities (Poos and all! Super glamourous) and obviously to capture the countless photos and videos I take daily. Not to mention FaceTiming with the grandparents. 

Q: What's your favorite TV show? 

A: "Top Chef" is TV perfection. It is a drama-free reality show showcasing amazing food and incredibly talented chefs and allows food snobs to say things like, "We can serve monkey ass in empty clam shell and still win." (Fabio Viviani) What's not to love?!    

Danielle's Jurassic Park watch

My Jurassic Park watch

Danielle Ramirez/CNET

Q: What's the best/worst gift you've ever given/received? 

A: One of the best gifts I've ever received is a Jurassic Park watch, from the original movie, from my husband. It was even in the original packaging. I am a huge "Jurassic Park" fan (I own all the movies) and he gave it to me right before we went to see "Jurassic World." Gifting perfection. 

Q: Favorite and most ridiculous app ever downloaded? 

A: Neko Atsume. It's the silly cat game that gained popularity like two years ago. You have a house or "living area" and the whole point is to lure cats to come and hang out. You put food, toys, beds, etc., out for them in hopes that they'll come. Then they really upped the game by having "special cats," e.g. Lady Meow-Meow and Guy Furry, who would basically give you more street cred. It was a slippery slope with me and my best friend.

Q: If you had to pick a place right now, where would you want to be?

A: Disneyland, without a doubt. (Especially at Christmastime.) Every time I go to Disneyland, it's always such a wonderful and memorable experience. I love everything about being there. The rides, the food, the characters, the decorations, everything! I can't wait to take my son there. 

Me and my family

Danielle and her family

Danielle Ramirez/CNET

There you are, folks. If you love cooking shows, "Jurassic Park" or fashion and above all are a fan of CNET Magazine, you and Danielle will be friends in no time. Got questions for her or about CNET Magazine? Hit up the comments section and ask away. Thank you, everyone, and thank you, Danielle!