Get a cool background for your Twitter profile

If you're a Twitter user, you might be looking for ways to create unique, appealing backgrounds. We have found several resources that will help you do just that.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Twitter might be a great way to communicate, but the default options for the profile background aren't all that nice. That said, the Twitter background is a fine way to promote your company, tell the world a little something about yourself, or to enhance the beauty of your profile.

Several tools across the Web let you find unique Twitter backgrounds. Some services are certainly better than others, but I've found a few that should satisfy your desire to improve your profile.

Spice up Twitter

FreeTwitterDesigner: If you're looking for an easy way to create a nice background for your Twitter profile, FreeTwitterDesigner will fit the bill.

When you get to the site, you'll need to decide if you want to log in with your Twitter account or use the site's tools as a guest. In either case, you can develop the background that you want. The site lets you start out with a blank slate or to change up some of the themes available on the site. If you choose to sign in as a guest, you'll need to download your background and upload it to Twitter. It's much easier to offer up your Twitter credentials, so the site can add it automatically when you're all set.

I liked FreeTwitterDesigner. It provided a simple, yet useful tool for creating a background. It's worth trying out.

FreeTwitterDesigner helps you create interesting themes. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Tweet Scenes: If you run a company that's concerned about how its social presence will be construed by clients, Tweet Scenes might be the kind of service you're looking for.

Rather than create a Twitter background yourself, Tweet Scenes' professional team of graphic artists will do it for you. In order to use Tweet Scenes, you need to upload an image, enter into a form what you want on the background, and submit it to the company. Within three days, Tweet Scenes delivers a design for you. It costs $109, which is a little costly, but if you're looking for a sophisticated, professional background, the site might be what you're looking for.

Tweet Scenes is designed for the professional user. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Tweetstyle: If you don't want to waste your time creating a Twitter background, Tweetstyle offers free or paid backgrounds that you can download from the site.

Tweetstyle features both free and paid Twitter backgrounds. Overall, I was happy with the site's listing of free backgrounds. It offers everything from holiday-themed backgrounds to simple backgrounds that you won't find on Twitter itself. But the problem with Tweetstyle is that if you want a custom background with personalized content, you'll need to pay $100 to have a custom design made in 10 days. If you want a design in 2 days, you'll need to pay $250. That's a little expensive, especially considering Tweet Scene costs $109 for access to designs in 3 days. So, if you're looking for some unique, free backgrounds, Tweetstyle is worth trying out. If you want something custom, go elsewhere.

Find some free backgrounds on Tweetstyle. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

TwitBacks: TwitBacks is a nice site that should help you get what you want: a unique Twitter background that shows off all your personal information.

When you get to TwitBacks, you'll need to input your Twitter credentials. From there, the site delivers a form that allows you to choose a template, input your name, add a company name, include a URL, and provide a description. You can also add social-networking profiles to your background. From a design perspective, you can choose the size of the font, how wide your content will be displayed, and the font you want. You can add that to one of the site's many themes, but you can also create your own simple background.

I liked TwitBacks. It's not as nice as FreeTwitterDesigner, but it's a great service that's worth trying out.

Twitbacks lets you add all your social networks. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

Twitter Background: Although Twitter Background won't allow you to add customized content to its themes, it has several great backgrounds that will undoubtedly satisfy most users' desires.

Twitter Background allows you to find several themes in a bunch of categories, including business, music, video games, and more. You can sift through the site's many backgrounds to find something you like. When you find the right tool, you need only to insert your Twitter credentials and it will be added to your profile. It's convenient and quick.

Perhaps most importantly, Twitter Background has some of the best backgrounds of any site in this roundup. You won't be able to create your own, but if you want something nice that you can get in just a few minutes, this site is for you.

Twitter Background
Twitter Background has all kinds of great themes. Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET

My top three

1. FreeTwitterDesigner: FreeTwitterDesigner has the best customization feature in this roundup.

2. TwitBacks: TwitBacks lets you add a lot of great content on the site. You can also customize your own backgrounds. It's a nice site.

3. Twitter Background: If you're looking for some great ready-made backgrounds, Twitter Background is the site for you.