Gesture-enabled touchpad fits on your thumbnail (Tomorrow Daily 164)

On today's show, Khail and Ashley discuss MIT's new mini touchpad and where you might use it, a learning project called zSpace that hopes to mix tech and education in a new way and the results of SpaceX's third attempt at making reusable rockets viable.

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Ashley Esqueda
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Happy Monday, citizens of the Internet! We're back today with a slew of crazy future tech stories to make your imaginations run wild; fortunately, everything you see on the show today is real and (hopefully someday) coming to a reality near you.

MIT's "NailO" prototype fits a tiny touchpad on your thumb, but don't worry, they think a commercial version will support artistic surfaces (so you can look stylish while subtly paging through Tinder with your thumb). We're also taking a look at an educational tool that combines augmented reality and 3D imaging to help kids learn subjects like science and history, plus we go over SpaceX's third attempt at a reusable rocket landing in the middle of the ocean.

Oh, and congratulations to viewer Neil, who sent in an ultrasound picture of his first baby! Our youngest superfan, obviously.

Watch this: Gesture-enabled touchpad fits on your thumbnail (Tomorrow Daily 164)


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