George Lucas stars in his own comic book

Follow the life of the director -- from his harrowing car crash as a teen to his "Star Wars" success -- in a new biography comic from Bluewater Productions.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Learn all about George Lucas in this new biography comic. Bluewater Productions

We all know filmmaker George Lucas as the creator of the "Star Wars" saga and "Indiana Jones," but how much do you know of his early years at the University of Southern California, meeting his first wife Marcia, his fear of water and the car crash that changed his life forever?

Read all about this and more in the biography comic "Orbit: George Lucas: Rise of an Empire" from Bluewater Productions. The 26-page graphic novel is written by John Michael Helmer and Brian Smith and features art by Smith. Smith and Chris Fischer illustrated the comic book's various covers.

"Bluewater receives a lot of requests from fans and famous people to tell the stories of the famous and the infamous using this unique medium, and George Lucas has been at the top of that list for a long time," publisher Darren G. Davis told CNET's Crave blog. "With interest in his creative work swelling, now was the time to tell his amazing story."

The comic details many of Lucas' childhood in Modesto, Calif., as well as his college experience at the USC, where he found his passion for filmmaking.

"My favorite part of illustrating the comic was probably getting to do his early days -- from his

crash till about the time he made 'Star Wars,' which is roughly the first half of the book," illustrator Brian Smith told Crave. "My favorite page is the big splash page of the car wreck in the beginning. I had to force myself to stop adding details and move on to the next page."

Lucas nearly died crashing his little Autobianchi Bianchina in 1962, an accident that ended his hopes of becoming a race car driver. Bluewater Productions

Fans will also get a closer look inside his filmmaking process as he demanded perfection on both the sets of "American Graffiti," and later on "Star Wars."

"Orbit: George Lucas: Rise of an Empire" is available for e-readers for $3.99 (£2.99, AU$5.99) from outlets including iTunes, Kindle, Wowio, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play and wherever e-books are sold. The print version of the comic book, for the same price as the digital version, is available only at Comic Flea Market.

Bluewater has published biography comics on other geek and tech personalities and icons such as Edward Snowden, Jack Dorsey, Sheryl Sandberg, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to name a few. All previous titles are available on Amazon as well as Nook, Kindle and iTunes.

There are plenty of behind-the-scenes "Star Wars" moments in the comic for fans too. Bluewater Productions