George Lucas' daughter tries to star in martial-arts wars

Amanda Lucas, daughter of the "Star Wars" creator, improves her Mixed Martial Arts record to 2-1 with an aggressive defeat of her Japanese opponent. Will the force be with her to be a major MMA star?

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Who needs a lightsaber when you can kick, punch, and twist the living daylights out of your enemy?

This seems to be the charming ethos of Mixed Martial Arts. It is one that is being espoused by "Star Wars" creator George Lucas' daughter, Amanda.

I am grateful to the hard-working informants at Yahoo Sports, who have mined the depths of their metier to bring me news of Amanda "Powerhouse" Lucas' latest attempt to skywalk in the world of MMA.

It seems that she performed last night at a profound event called DEEP 55 in Japan. (I have embedded her prefight interview.) She pummeled her local opponent, Hikaru Shinohara, into a state that might have made her suddenly hiss like Darth Vader.

My hitherto nonexistent reading of MMA Fighting.com offered some graphic description of Lucas' talents.

"Lucas was able to utilize her significant strength advantage and move into mount where she blasted strikes upon her hapless opponent," wrote the breathless blog.

Even though Lucas executed a perfect armbar on her opponent--who apparently was desperate to protect her jaw area--Shinohara didn't submit. However, her corner--fearing, perhaps, that she might go the way of Darth Maul (you must remember him: cut in half by that sweet Obi-Wan Kenobi)--threw in the towel.

Shinohara was reportedly so upset with her cornerman that she punched him, giving him a black eye.

This was only Lucas' third MMA fight. She has won two of them. For this fight, she had reportedly threatened to enter the ring to the tune of the "Star Wars" music. At the last minute, however, she changed her mind. Perhaps she couldn't secure the rights in time.

Some will no doubt believe that Lucas could be a breakthrough personality for her sport. Some will also imagine that her father might offer to produce--or even direct--an MMA space movie where intergalactic warfare is enacted under strict rules of punching, kicking and, of course, choking.