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Geek bras proliferate in Etsy undergarment fashion explosion

From "Star Wars" to Portal, Etsy literally has you covered with bras for nearly every geek obsession.

Star Trek bra
Captain Kirk would appreciate this.

The Angry Birds bra came to our attention last year. Little did we suspect at the time it was just the tip of the undergarment iceberg in an upcoming flood of geek-themed bras.

R2-D2 bra
These are the droids you're looking for. (Click to enlarge.) SceeneShoes

If "Star Trek" is more your thing, then you can get a blue sciences division bra complete with insignia in vaguely the right location. Other options include a Portal bra and a nod to every 12-year-old boy's favorite calculator joke, "BOOBIES" done up in numeric style.

Don't worry, "Star Wars" fans. You haven't been left out. You can embrace the roundness of R2-D2 with a custom bra made in your choice of size. Other options include Ninja Turtles, Xbox power buttons, a Nintendo NES controller, and copy/paste bras.

The bras from Etsy seller SceeneShoes range between $25 and $45, with an elaborate Super Mario Brothers bra coming in on the high end and the Wonder Woman adult Underoos-style top coming in low.

Due to the demand and the hand-painted nature of each breast covering, there is a five-week wait to receive your geeky unmentionables. That should give you plenty of time to shop for a matching see-through top so you can display your fashion prize with pride.

Portal bra
This Portal bra makes good use of the canvas. SceeneShoes

(Via Geeks are Sexy)