Gameloft simplifies Android game re-downloads

Gameloft shifts its stance on DRM so gamers can re-download purchased titles without fuss.

Christopher MacManus
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Christopher MacManus
A screenshot from one of Gameloft's most recent Android games, Backstab. "Die, DRM!" Gameloft

Migrating from one cell phone to another is often frustrating, especially if you have to reload a heap of music, contacts, and app purchases.

It was even more of a frustration on an Android phone if you owned a title by Gameloft. If you had purchased a Gameloft game in the past and wanted to load it on a new device, you would have had to either back it up on an SD card, or call to customer service. And we all love to talk to customer service, especially when you can just automatically redownload apps on iOS devices without a fuss.

Droid Gamers got a tip that Gameloft has shifted that stance in its DRM policy, which was hindering Android gamers from having complete control over their purchases. Now you can freely re-download Gameloft games from its Web site without having to worry about fidgeting with cards or making phone calls.

Unfortunately, due to the shift, any old .apk files that were saved as a back-up will not work anymore, according to the Droid Gamers report posted Monday. It's possible invalidating those files could be an unexpected burden on anyone who's not aware of this news.

CNET contacted Gameloft and was unable to get an official confirmation regarding this change.