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Game Strap concept makes commuting fun

No one enjoys commuting, but a new concept for trains and buses that builds games into safety straps could make it a little more entertaining.

Strap Game concept
The Game Strap concept could help relieve the stress of a long commute.
Jiang Qian

OK, the words fun and commute will never go together, but one Sweden-based designer is hoping to make the ride to and from work a little less painful with a new gaming concept.

Figuring one can't escape the long wait times of a commute, Jiang Qian came up with idea of the Strap Game (or Game Strap), a gaming system built into the safety handles found on trains and buses. The dangling gaming handhelds would provide entertainment to those who are bored or stressed and hopefully make the time go by faster.

Qian imagines that the Game Strap would be powered on as soon as the user touches the handle, and a button on the side of the device would allow for easy one-handed game play. A swiveling strap also ensures that the system can move with you, so you don't find yourself in an awkward position if the bus or train makes any sudden stops or turns.

Users would have a choice of games, such as Tetris, pinball, and freekick. I would worry about missing my stop while using the Game Strap (I actually missed my bus the other day while playing Bejeweled on my phone. I have issues, I know), but Qian has a solution. The Game Strap will vibrate and flash the name of the next stop as it approaches the station.

There are no plans to make the Game Strap a reality at this point, but it's an interesting concept. Qian actually has a number of other pretty cool ideas that you can check out on his Web site.

Jiang Qian

(Via Ubergizmo)