'Game of Thrones' superfans want Kit Harington to cut his hair (spoilers)

Some "Game of Thrones" superfans want actor Kit Harington to cut his hair to settle something about Jon Snow once and for all.

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Now that winter is here, is Jon Snow coming...back to "Game of Thrones"? HBO/Helen Sloan

Warning: This article gathers, and now my spoilers begin. Only read this article if you've taken the black and have watched all 50 episodes of "Game of Thrones."

Jon Snow is dead. Or, at least that's what everyone on the show is saying. Despite comments from Kit Harington -- the actor who plays Snow on "Game of Thrones" -- and showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, some fans aren't convinced.

They have some reason to doubt, of course. The lady Melisandre arrived back at Castle Black the same day Snow was stabbed to death, and the Lord of Light has been known to bring people back from the dead with a little help from believers. Melisandre has already crossed paths with the resurrector Thoros of Myr, and she has taken a major interest in the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, so speculation abounds as to whether Melisandre's arrival was just in time to save Snow from certain death.

But people hate speculation, and some really want this issue to be settled once and for all. One of them even went so far as to start a petition urging Kit Harington to get a haircut if his character is truly not coming back to "Game of Thrones." Harington's hairstyle is mandated in his HBO contract, you see, so the only way he'd be able to chop it off is if Jon Snow is really going to rot away at Castle Black.

The petition was created by Matt Feldman, and it's actually pretty cleverly written. Feldman is "sick and tired of being toyed around by [Harington's] beautifully luscious locks," and demands a new hairdo so he and other like-minded, frustrated supporters can move on with their lives. Feldman's petition has amassed just eight of the 100 signatures needed thus far, however, so it's unlikely Harrington will ever see the message.

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Even if he does, it will likely get lost in his "luscious locks," which are just begging not to be evicted from their place atop Kit Harington's head. We'll likely have to wait until the spring of 2016 to see if Jon Snow will make a triumphant return in "Game of Thrones" Season 6, unless George R.R. Martin manages to finish and release "The Winds of Winter" beforehand.

Either way, our Jon Snow watch continues. And winter is coming.

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