Gadgettes Podcast 165: Celebrity Unfriend Episode

If it involves celebrities and technology, chances are we want to unfriend immediately. That's just the type of mood we're in today.

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
3 min read

If it involves celebrities and technology, chances are we want to unfriend immediately. That's just the type of mood we're in today.

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Facebook’s crazy new privacy settings

Celebrity sexting

A special message for Lindsay Lohan: Please put down the Twitter

Twoddler lets your toddler twitter and summon the Fail Whale #cute

Celebrity star maps comes to iPhone

Celebrity Web site of the day: Go Fug Yourself

A propos (of) nothing
Turquoise gadgets: Get with the “it colour” of 2010

Bling Rx
The most expensive iPhone, ever

What a concept (kill me edition)
Concept design for a gun-shaped camera

Why didn’t I think of that?
Custom-fit Yurbuds enhance uncomfortable earphones

Hello Kitty watch
Hello Kitty PMP

Potty time
Cushy Tushy follow-up (with proof of Jason’s installation!)

It’s about time
Kisai Tenmetsu watch

Hello Ladies and Gent,

It has been a while since I have had a chance to listen to the show or write in, and I have missed the hilarity that your show added to my Fridays. I am not sure if you have covered this little "gem" yet, but I think that something so... gaudy? So head-scratching-ly extravagant? So... (my sensibilities are at a lost as to how I should categorize it) "uniquely" nouveau riche as "The Hello Kitty Diamond Edition perfume for children" would fit so well into several your segments.
The ad's copy is what peaked my interest, and I really am curious as to who would want their young child (realistically speaking 'daughters' as I doubt many boys are clamoring for Hello Kitty) basking in "seductive" odors? ...with hints of margarita?

Ho-Kay then...

At any rate I want to wish a heartfelt "Happy Holidays" to each of you. Keep the hi-jinx coming!


Boston, MA

Hey Molly, Kelly, and Jason,

I was disheartened by your discussion on the 8-bit tie because last summer I attended a wedding where the groom and the groomsmen all wore 8-bit ties. I’ve attached a picture to prove it. Not only was it unique and different, but I thought it actually looked good. Now I should state that the groom and the bride, nor myself, are Sys admins, own fixed gear bikes, or have Space Invader tattoos. I’m just saying, it might be possible to own this tie and not be an indie hipster douchebag. Love the show guys!
-Tone Hoeft

I’m a sysadmin, but I’m not emo. No tattoos. No 8-bit ties. No Fixies.

I’m also a guy. I would love to have a sockscription.

More than that, I want every pair individual numbered, so that each shipment can tell me what pair I need to throw away.

There is, literally, no end to the amount I would like to not think about/interact with my socks. Hell, I want this for clothes, period. I want an automated service that ships me the clothes, tells me what to wear, and when. I want a Mac-like slider interface to indicate my desired dress-for-the-job-you-want level, etc. Engineered clothing services. That’s what I need. (want.)

The sysadmin from Minneapolis.

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