Gadgettes 136: The dog people are weird (but cat people are weirder) episode

Treat your pets right this Mother's Day! We spend equal time talking about gifts for mom and for fluffy. Go figure.

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
2 min read

Watch this: Ep. 136: The 'dog people are weird (but cat people are weirder)' episode
Treat your pets right this Mother's Day! We spend equal time talking about gifts for mom and for fluffy. Go figure.


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Petairways.com–for the pet who loves to travel (Thanks Sheala!)

Honda unveils dog-friendly car

The Tweeting Cat Door (Thanks Nathan!)

New worm-like floor-cleaning robot threatens Roomba’s dominance

Digigrade Leg Extensions

Dog poo recycler

Special Edition Mother’s Day Gender Gap
Danielle Steel Limited Edition Reader Digital Book is More of the Same just in Red (No! Don’t do it! Get a Kindle instead!)

Mother of the Year video

Mother’s Day shirt for the geeky mom-to-be

A propos (of) nothing
Lego sunglasses let you build your own fashion

What a concept
Portable toaster

Why didn’t I think of that?
PermaFLOW Self Cleaning Drain System

Gorgeous iphone cases (thanks fernando!)

Good Vibrations (Thanks Fred!)
DIY Steam punk vibrators

Ask a Gadgette
From Ray:

I recently lost my Macbook Pro to an accident involving a large glass of water. While ordering a new machine online I didn’t think the credit card was quite warm enough so I ordered an iPod touch 32 gig model. My 4th Gen video iPod still works fine though the case it’s in is wrapped in packing tape.

So should I give away the 4th gen as I have my old ipods in the past or should I keep in and use it in environments where the other iPod may be to fragile such as gardening. I’m torn is it wrong to have 2 ipods?

Rogue Tess
iPhone and The Handler

Hey gadgettes,
Just to let you know I’m in California and its beautiful but I just saw this today at apple insider. Apple to replace water-damaged iPhones for $199 it is just a refurb that you get for that “cheap” price with a trade in.
thought you would be interested.

I actually started yelling at my radio in the car as I listened to the podcast of Ep 134! I work in a small techie office with a single, unisex bathroom and one day I walked in to find a field of creepy hands sticking up out of the countertop. Now, I should say that our office is full of weirdos (the good kind) so it isn’t suprising to find strange items, notes or signs in any of the common areas, but thsi was just a whole other level of weird. Nobody ever ‘fessed up to being the culprit. But, someone out there has actually purchased that product and it’s even creepier than you think.

Thanks for the show, keep up the great work!