Gadgettes 121: The Re-Episode

This show starts out as the Recycle, Reduce, Reuse Episode. Shortly into the show, we realize how poorly thought out a theme that was. Wow, it's been a long break.

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
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This show starts out as the Recycle, Reduce, Re-Use Episode. Shortly into the show, we realize how poorly thought out a theme that was. Wow, it's been a long break.

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Pee-powered battery (that technically runs on water or juice too) (Thanks Cianna!)

Sega robo-cat will meow, won’t catch mice

Quit smoking or be forced to wear these clothes made from cigarette butts

Breathalyzer key chain lets you see if you’re drunk while on the highway

Recycled condoms used on hair bands???
Snopes confirms this as legit! ACK!

Facebook spoils the free Whopper fun

Microchip Cufflinks

Twick size

iPod dock + bed light

Get your pink Instinct

What the hell?
Dragon Fire Breather game controller discovered

Bugbut, the ugliest solar-powered something ever

Welcome back from Vegas!

Mostly I just want to wake Tales up, but I thought this is an interesting idea.

It's not exactly an "alarm clock"; it's a scrolling calendar that literally shreds the days away.

Personally, I think this would be cool on Mondays but sad on Sunday...

Dr. Karl


If there is a wtf, Fugly, pinkwatch hall of fame, this phone should be in it.


Paul (alamode) Cyopick


Hey Gadgettes,

You might be able to even put this in Kill Me or maybe just create a new WTF section of the show. Either way, all I can say is, “Wow, what a horrible phone.” Keep up the great work!

San Diego, CA


Hi Gadgettes,

I have been a long time listener . Love the show and this is my first time contacting you. Which is why I feel bad because this email is mostly for Molly.

My wife Aislinn is a US Army Medic deployed to Iraq. About a week before she left (the day after Thanksgiving) I broke her Macbook. Which I had just purchased for her for her birthday a few months before. I promised I would get her a new laptop before her return. Which is why I am emailing you. I was wondering if you could do a quick rundown on your Vivian Tam notebook. Basically she just emails and does Facebook and such. Other than iTunes and Skype phonecalls she won’t use her laptop for much more. Do you feel the Vivian Tam would be enough for her to use regularly? Does the netbook fit your needs adequately?

Sure I know the specs seem to fit her needs. I’m a geek, but the difference is I am running a self-built quad core, SLI dual 8800 utlras gaming rig. Her MacBook felt slow to me. So, what I’m looking for is just a feeling, a sense. I want to get her something pretty. Something hot!

She is a wonderful wife, a fantastic mother of 3 and as a soldier on her second tour in Iraq, I consider her my hero as well. I just don’t want her to be disappointed by an underpowered machine. I THINK the Viv netbook will work, but for her, I want to KNOW.

Thanks in advance for any response. I know your busy, especially right now with CES and such. I’m in no hurry to hear back, so take your time. She is going to be gone for another 11 months or so. However, I’m asking now since tax return time is around the corner.


Patrick Miner


I just saw the Sony P series (lifestyle PC) in your CES coverage, and now i really want it. i like the features it has but more than anything else i just think i looks really cool. the problem is i’m not sure if the design is worth the price tag. your opinions would be appreciated. thanks.