Gadgettes 115: OMG, More Robots Episode

There are some things that we'd rather not have to do, and our robot underlings would be perfect fill-ins. That is, of course, until the robot revolt. But until then...

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
3 min read

We're not trying to give robots too much power over our lives, but let's face it...there are some things that we'd rather not have to do, and our robot underlings would be perfect fill-ins. That is, of course, until they become self aware and jump onto our faces until we surrender to their immense robotic power. But that won't happen for a long time, so don't worry about that just yet.

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Episode 115

DanBall the finger massaging robot looks like anything but a finger massaging robot

R2D2’s new guise: Fishtank

Whisking, the hands-free way

Roofus the snow-sweeping robot protects the roofs of large buildings

Magic system fills glasses from the bottom up somehow

Pink Watch
Sony announces Bluetooth headphones, travel-friendly speakers

A propos (of) nothing
Erasable Shower Tablet for inspired moments (thanks HollyHock!)
Here it is for sale!

What the hell?! (Vibrating stool edition)
Vibrating Toilet Seat

Mario Mushroom vibrating stool (thanks Dr. Karl!)

Gender Gap
Tomahawk Skull Gauntlet

Tool Time (baby edition)
Badass Oakley Roddler stroller gives your kid an early chip on his shoulder

Electric-drill-powered stroller should come with a Father of the Year award

BMW unveils electric Mini Cooper

Dirt-cheap Christmas crap
Walmart offers $128 Blu-Ray


Hi Gadgettes,

I spent my semester abroad in Barcelona Spain. There was a trendy clothing store called “Naf Naf” that used LOTS of stuffed pigs as decoration. (Note pig on website)

When I asked why, I was told Spanish pigs say “Naf Naf!” (rather than oink oink). Now when my boyfriend says something piggish, he follows up with “naf naf!”

It is EXTREMELY fun to say.


Hey Gagettes,

I know it is the wrong show but I have a "Well Actually!" I know it is bad to promote "fast" food but in according to Men's Health Magazine Chick-fil-A rated as the Best Fast Food restaurant for Kids. I guess you should at least give props to the best of the worst.

St. Louis


Dear Kelly and Molly

I just love Gadgettes and BOL since episode ONE. Yes a few years. Anyway you two where just talking about the Flip Mino in episode 114. Molly did not like it and gave an example of a Lumix that did HD video. Well Kelly you said how wonderful and happy that you are with a point and shoot camera that you have but never said what it was. Well, what is it???? I am looking for a decent point and shoot that will shoot HD video, at least 720HD. Can you tell me what great camera it is you bought?

Thank you and love the shows, Mike from cold ass Buffalo, NY


That movie from last week’s show was Some Kind of Wonderful, starring Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson, and Mary Stuart Masterson as the “drummer girl.”

The tomboyish Watts (Masterson) has always considered working-class Keith Nelson (Stoltz) her best friend, but when he begins dating the popular Amanda Jones (Thompson), she realizes that she feels something much deeper for him.

A cute film, and a very typical John Hughes 80’s teen flick. I may be at risk of losing my Man Card when I say that The Kiss between Stolz and Masterson is, in my mind, the Best. Movie. Kiss. Ever.

Love the show,