Gadgettes 108: The 'we've got the power' episode

Are you ready for a pep-rally, the likes of which you've never experienced before? Today's show is all about power. We also attempt to define the act of desserting someone. Urban dictionary, here we come!

Jason Howell Former Associate Producer
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Are you ready for a pep-rally, the likes of which you've never experienced before? Today's show is all about power. We also attempt to define the act of desserting someone. Urban dictionary, here we come!

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Get energy efficient with the Advent Eco PC

iYo Yo Yo charger makes for some seriously useful gaming

Brick-like USB multicellular phone charger

Furutech Powerflux $1,800 power cord

BMW builds luxury hybrid sedan

BoomCooler is good for booming, not so much for cooling

Tool Time--Band Edition
Thinkgeek drum kit shirt
I love the finger keyboard, it's so "bad!"
Memorex SingStand--Talent not included

Pink Watch: What the hell edition
High heels and phones should not be rolled into one
The USB MIA vibrator: So you can let your colleagues know just what you did last night

Kill Me
Sony Ericsson to launch phone for girls who like to rock (don’t boys like to rock too?)

It’s about time
Trouble getting up? Try a Tantrum

Heidi: I took the test! A lot!

Wearable Gadgets… This would be a fantastic theme for one of your weekly shows.

Here is one I stumbled across

The nail watch looks like it will be too small for my not so young eyes to read. However, I am sure Timex hopes to NAIL that market! Actually,
I don’t think it exists….. YET. Oh, and this may be an incentive to
get your children to stop sucking their thumbs… “Hey kid, if you stop sucking your thumb, I’ll get you a thumb watch to wear.” I guess they’d be waterproof but we don’t have to tell the children that part!

Reactv... A device that bicyclist wear on their arms to confuse motorist. It turns red when the rider is slowing down, yellow for signaling, green for accelerating. I remember the first time my mother and I saw reflectors on bicycle pedals at night. We had no clue what those to bouncing light shows were till we almost hit the rider.

David Eckard

This is a pretty cool idea; it's novel, its stylish, and it might just make you a little more conscious of energy consumption. I hope it comes in more than just white tho!

From AT: "Coin Lamp is the first in a range of products by designer Jethro Macey based on the concept of values and reward.
The lamp is turned on by a coin-operated switch, and the length of time it’s on is pre-determined. That means three things: One, the lamp can’t ever be accidentally left on. Two, you’ll realize when you do and don’t need to turn the lamp on. Three, you’ll save tons of coin!"

No word yet as to the probably ironic pricing...

dr. karl

Hey JaMoLi! When you mentioned the Star Wars sheets, I thought “no, it couldn’t be.” But it is…these are the same sheets I had when I was seven back when the original Star Wars came out! I’d run right out and get some, but I’m a 38-year-old single guy, and I’m not sure how a girl would react to heading into my bedroom for the first time and seeing Star Wars sheets on the bed. What do you think, Molly and Lindsey? Should I play it safe, or hold out for the girl who thinks it’s cool that I have Darth and Luke on my pillow?

Thanks, love the show,


Dear Gadgettes:

A few weeks’ ago, you played a voice mail from a teenage girl who wanted you guys to do a show on cheap gadgets or knitting gadgets. Don’t do it! That teenager is my daughter. We have been having a friendly little war over which podcasts are “hers” and which are “mine”. In her warped teenage logic, I am not allowed to listen to any shows that she listens to, even though I was the one that introduced her to podcasting. If you create a show based on her suggestion, then she’ll really think Gadgettes is her show. She’s already hijacked several of my other favorites. Pleas side with the parent on this one and leave me at least one show I can listen to :-).

Oh, by the way, I would bet money that the body double on the Molly Wood’s DJ flyer is Lady Kier. She is the former lead singer of Deee-Lite, the group that sang “Groove is in the Heart” back in the 1990s. She’s a perfect choice for Molly’s alter ego!

Dani in N.C.

Hi Gadgettes,

I was on a coffee break with a bunch of colleagues the other day when one of them mentioned that she has just discovered a cool product that turns bath water into gel. When I heard that I thought: “can she be talking about the same product they ridiculed on Gadgettes the other day??”.
She then added that it comes with another bottle that turns the gel back into water in order to drain it. So I thought “OMG! I cannot believe that she IS talking about the same thing”
What I wanted to tell her was that I have heard about this product before and I’m quite shocked that I actually knew someone who used it. However, I decided not to say anything since I have told the same colleague before about the high heel shoes with foldable heels (another thing I heard on Gadgettes) and she started wondering how come I (a dude) knew about such things. I tried to explain to her that it was on a tech podcast I listen to, but she was already walking out in dismay…

Despite what you put me through, still love the show!!

The Netherlands