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Futuristic eyeglasses adjust your prescription on the fly (Tomorrow Daily 331)

VR developers use photogrammetry to create ultra-realistic location renders; also, an Israeli startup shows off a concept for high-tech "omnifocal" eyewear.


Virtual reality is already impressive in some instances, and now, it's looking even more realistic with German developer and its photogrammetry technique. The textures and visuals in the demo are unbelievably accurate and photorealistic.

And for all the eyeglasses-wearing guys and gals out there, you'll want to take a look at Deep Optics' concept for lenses than can correct your vision in real time as you glance at objects both near and far. Human trials are still years away, but the idea is ambitious and fun to think about, particularly if you've ever peered over or under your current glasses to read something nearby.

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331: Futuristic eyeglasses adjust your prescription on the fly (Tomorrow Daily)

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