Deep-fried Furby Connect melts into your worst nightmares

A deep fryer and a Furby meet in a melding of fake fur, plastic and electronics that will both horrify and fascinate you.

Amanda Kooser
Freelance writer Amanda C. Kooser covers gadgets and tech news with a twist for CNET. When not wallowing in weird gear and iPad apps for cats, she can be found tinkering with her 1956 DeSoto.
Amanda Kooser

There are gadget torture tests and there are Gadget Torture Tests. Subjecting a toy Furby Connect to a deep-fried spa experience definitely warrants some capital letters. YouTube user Guava Juice posted a video on Saturday featuring the kind of sick thought experiment you might come up with in a blurry 4 a.m. brainstorm.

Our Guava Juice host opens the video by screaming "Today we are going to deep-fry Furby Connect!" And that's exactly what you get. You might want to keep the volume turned down unless you enjoy a lot of yelling during your YouTube viewing experience.

Guava Juice lowers the chatty, furry pink toy into a home deep fryer and lovingly bastes it with oil before closing up the machine to let it cook. The tech toy spends 10 minutes in the fryer.

The big reveal shows us an almost unimaginable horror with the Furby peering out from melted eyes. The formerly cute critter is now a mess of faded fur with feet melted into gelatinous globs of goop. It's the Furby version of the famous disintegrating face scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Please, don't deep-fry a Furby Connect. It's disgusting. It creates a monster out of what is supposed to be an adorable interactive toy. And the Furby's ghost will haunt your deep fryer for all time.