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Fujifilm rolls out four tiny cameras with tiny prices

Need a compact digital camera for cheap? Fujifilm has some new ones for 2009, and they even take pictures (I hope).

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FinePix Z37 Fujifilm

While a lot of the exciting new features and designs come to point-and-shoots above $200, most of the buying happens at and below that price points. So while these four new models from Fujifilm aren't exciting, they are inexpensive, look decent, and have the requisite specs and features for their class.

The A170 and A220 are 10- and 12-megapixel cameras, respectively, each featuring a 3x zoom lens, 2.7-inch LCD, and are AA-battery powered. They have Fujifilm's brand of auto scene recognition called SR Auto as well as face detection and panorama shooting with in-camera stitching. There's only a $10 difference between the two, with the A170 at $89.95 and A220 at $99.95.

The FinePix J38 drops the AA batteries in favor of a slimmer, more fashionable design. Available in black only, it's a 12-megapixel ultracompact with a 3x zoom lens, and a 2.7-inch LCD, and it too has SR Auto and face detection for less than $130.

Lastly, the FinePix Z37 is basically a nonwaterproof version of the Z33WP, which itself is a nice little camera once you adjust to the squished controls on back. (Check the slide show below to see what I mean.) Kind of a competitor to Nikon's S220, it's a 10-megapixel ultracompact with a 3x zoom lens, 2.7-inch LCD, and, you guessed it, SR Auto and face detection and available in blue, green, or violet. It also has a Blog mode, which just scales down the resolution of stills and video so you don't have to think about it, making posts to the Web easier. Its starting price is $149.95.

The A170 is available late July, while the A220, J38, and Z37 arrive throughout August.