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Fujifilm announces new cameras for CES

Fujifilm has four new cameras on the way, including one that might surprise you.

Fujifilm is gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by announcing a handful of new cameras just a week before the show. Budget-minded shooters will be pleased by news of two new FinePix A-series, while fans of family photos can look forward to the face-detecting follow-up to the FinePix F20. Finally, scientists and law enforcement professionals have a sub-$1000 infrared camera to look forward to in the coming months.

A pair of budget shooters replace the FinePix A600, the FinePix A800 and the A610. Both sub-$200 models are simple cameras, with the 3x optical zoom lenses and 2.5-inch LCD screens that are now standard on most inexpensive point-and-shoots. As one of the first 8-megapixel cameras we've seen with a price tag below $200, the A800 is the most notable of the pair. At a scant $180, it sports an 8-megapixel SuperCCD sensor and a top sensitivity of ISO 800. In contrast, the FinePix A610 is simply a slightly upgraded version of the FinePix A600, with a 6-megapixel SuperCCD sensor, a top sensitivity of ISO 400, and a $130 price tag. Both cameras are scheduled to ship in March 2007.

Also on Fujifilm's upcoming list is the FinePix F40fd. This upgraded, 8-megapixel version of the FinePix F20 features the same face-detection technology found on the high-zoom FinePix S6000fd, and its SuperCCD can take full-resolution shots at as high as ISO 2,000. Besides those two features, the F40fd seems like a standard high-resolution point-and-shoot camera, with the cookie-cutter combination of a 3x lens and a 2.5-inch LCD screen. The FinePix F40fd will ship in March 2007 and retail at $300.

Lastly, the company will announce the offbeat IS-1. This infrared camera is a scaled-down, spiritual follow-up to the infrared- and ultraviolet-capable S3 Pro UVIR. The S3 Pro UVIR is intended primarily for forensics specialists and law enforcement professionals, but the IS-1 is designed for astronomers and other scientists. This 9-megapixel model features a fixed 28mm-to-300mm-equivalent, 10.7x zoom lens as well as a live-view LCD for framing shots sans viewfinder. With a SuperCCD sensor that spans both visible and infrared light, the IS-1 offers an inexpensive alternative to the significantly more expensive S3 Pro UVIR. The Fujifilm IS-1 will ship in February 2007 and will cost gadgeteers, scientists, and investigators $900.