Friday Poll: Who will release a tablet next?

BookMaker, a Web site dedicated to online gambling, has calculated the odds on who will be next after RIM to offer a tablet in 2010. So, what's your take?

Matt Hickey
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Matt Hickey

BookMaker odds
Screenshot by Matt Hickey/CNET

With consumers and analysts guessing which companies plan to take on Apple's iPad, BookMaker, a Web site dedicated to online gambling, has calculated odds (click the "Entertainment" link on the site) on who will be next after Research In Motion to debut an iPad-like device in 2010. It's been widely reported that RIM plans to show off its BlackPad sometime next week, and the gamblers are hoping to cash in when the next company shows theirs off.

The lines show HTC as the frontrunner with an even money payout, followed by Nokia with one and a half to one, and three to one for LG, Sharp, Motorola, and Sanyo.

Notably absent on the list are HP and Google, which both have robust mobile operating systems that could power such devices.

But with the odds in the graph above, we'd like to see how you, the knowledgeable readers of Crave, would bet. Who do you think will be next with a wannabe iPad killer? If you choose the "other" option, be sure to elaborate in the comments section below.