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Friday Poll: What would you pay for an iPad Mini?

Throw your two cents into the iPad Mini rumor mill. Are you hoping for a $199 price tag or are you willing to pay $349 if you get 4G in the bargain?

iPad Mini mock-up
A mock-up of a potential iPad Mini.

Nobody can say for certain just yet, but it sure looks like Apple will be unveiling a 7-inch iPad Mini soon. Along with the rumors comes all sorts of speculation about the price tag.

Google's Android-running Nexus 7 tablet has already landed at a $199 price point. That's what Apple is up against with the launch of an iPad Mini. Because it's Apple we're talking about here, the new tablet probably doesn't have to come in that low to attract buyers.

Some of the potential prices that have been bandied about are $199, $249, and $349. According to one analyst, coming in at $249 would blow away the competition.

A $199 iPad would be a dream for Apple fans, but it's not terribly likely considering the cost of manufacturing and the need for a profit margin. A $349 price point could make sense if 4G is added into the package.

There could very well be a range of iPad Minis, much like we see with the current iPad lineup. As you're thinking ahead and planning out your budget, what price are you comfortable with when it comes to picking up an iPad Mini?

Vote in our poll and let us know if you're cool with $349 or are holding out for a $199 tablet. Then expand on your answer in the comments.