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Friday Poll: Most divisive tech battle of 2010?

Motion control gaming systems, digital TV, e-readers, and smartphones represented some of the competitive battlegrounds in 2010. Which race got you most riled up?

motion control
Motion control systems were just one battleground in 2010. CNET

So here we are, looking at the end of 2010, a year that's been fairly exciting in the personal-technology world. Led by the iPad, tablets became a common sight, sounding a warning call to the Netbook business. E-readers got more affordable and more widespread, and many phone makers stepped up to take on the iPhone 4, which was leaked in the spring, dramatically, after an Apple tech left a prototype in a bar.

But where there's innovation there's often conflict. Companies like Apple and Google and Microsoft are again going head-to-head in many markets. Motion control gaming systems, digital TV, and even e-books were competitive battlegrounds.

The comments on Crave have at times been like combat zones, too, with our wonderfully engaged readers going back and forth over which tech is best, worst, most promising, dumbest, and so on. It's said that you pick your battles, and this is your chance to do just that. Which of these tech battles of 2010 got you most riled up?

Or maybe there's one we missed. If so, let us know in the comments section.