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Friday Poll: Is Galaxy S4 all you hoped it would be?

Now the rumors and hype have wrapped up and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been unveiled, it's time to pass early judgment.

Samsung Galaxy S4
That's a whole lotta smartphone right there.
Sarah Tew/CNET

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a certified Android hit, so it's only natural the rumor and hype engines were chugging overtime leading up to the Galaxy S4 reveal.

The wraps finally came off yesterday, putting the rumors to rest and leaving us to decide whether the build-up to the event paid off or left us feeling like something was lacking.

So what's different this time? The S4 gets some pretty good hardware upgrades across the board, the most noticeable of which is a 5-inch screen. That spacious screen is giving a few fans some pause. CNET reader SophicSage writes, "What's next....a 7 inch phone? If people want a phone that huge, just get a tablet and carry it around on your chest like Iron Man." Others are big fans of the big screen.

The response to the S4 has been mixed. Plenty of people are looking forward to the improved specs under the hood. Some new software bells and whistles include the latest version of Jelly Bean, a TV remote function, and a translation tool. Some have noted a lack of "revolutionary" features, making the S4 more of an evolutionary step than a smartphone that blows existing designs out of the water.

You followed the announcement. You read the specs and mulled the software upgrades. In light of all the hype leading up to the S4's unveiling, how are you feeling about the phone? Does the Galaxy S4 meet your expectations? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.