Fox news anchor fooled into licking iPad

As something of an April Fools' jape, an anchor on a local Fox station is persuaded that a new app lets you taste or smell whatever is on your iPhone screen.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

We all get fooled on a consistent basis. It's just that some decide to be slightly more guarded when it comes to April 1. And yet an anchor at a local Fox news station managed to fall for one of the more technologically inspired ruses of recent memory.

Her fellow workers at Fox 5 San Diego ran a story about a new app that lets you taste or sniff things on your iPhone or iPad. The app was called "Virtual Sip" and the technology behind it was christened "Piezo Electrics." Which, to my mind, sounds like a disreputable electrician in Napoli.

It was all rather cleverly done. First, the station ran a package that showed people sniffing and licking their phones. The anchor who wasn't in on the joke, Shally Zomorodi, looked appalled and said, "Wait a minute...are they licking their phones?"

She was then handed an iPad by a producer and encouraged to try the app. Still, when she didn't seem able to quite get any sniff emanating from it, she was persuaded (fairly easily) to lick it. Even though she had just declared: "I am NOT licking an iPad!"

So she licked and, well, began to realize that she has been had. Truly had, beyond all salvation.

Quite naturally, she stormed off the set, but somehow managed to keep her good humor when others of a greater ego might have lost it beyond recognition. Indeed, on her Facebook page, Zomorodi continues to show that she enjoys an equanimity beyond that of many in the public eye.

Remember, everyone, iPhones and iPads may be worshiped by some. But there is no additional benefit that comes from licking them. Not yet, anyway.