For trainspotting, try the Yamanote Line Watch

The Yamanote Line Watch replicates the electronic bulletin boards at Tokyo's busiest underground rail.

Juniper Foo
Yamanote Line Watch

It takes a true Japanophile or fashion dork to love this watch and wear it. Made by Japan's Seahope, this timepiece screams "tourist souvenir" and "geek alert," and not in a very flattering way, either. However, if you've ever been on the Yamanote Line during rush hour and can't get enough of the sights, sounds, and body crush at Tokyo's busiest underground rail, the Yamanote Line Watch offers four choices. These replicate the electronic bulletin boards at Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ebisu, and Shinagawa stations.

Note the key word "replicate." That reads fake mini bulletin board that can't, and won't, transmit real-time train timetables. The only differentiation between the versions appears to be some text and the station number. Other than that, these are as vanilla as watchpieces come, with time and date. All for a cutthroat tourist price of 25,200 yen ($240).

(Via Crave Asia)