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For a few dollars more: Ultracompact cameras

Shopping around for an ultracompact camera? Here's what's best between $100 to $300.

For a little more than $150, the Pentax Optio P80 offers some extras the competition doesn't have at its price.

There are a lot of ultracompact cameras available and for many people the decision comes down to price. But picking a camera simply because you settled on spending $150 doesn't mean you shouldn't look at those slightly above and below that limit.

Saving a few dollars more might, after all, get you a model you actually want, not just one you're settling for. And maybe the cheaper one is actually plenty of camera for your needs, leaving you some surplus coin to put toward an extra battery, memory card, or case.

Take a flip through the slideshow below and see what you can get for the money you have saved and what waits for you if you pull together just a little more.

Also, I didn't stick with one manufacturer for this because, well, sometimes the other guy has the better deal and you shouldn't let brand loyalty get in the way of getting the most for your money.