Floating camera captures sea and sky in one shot

The submerged end of the concept Underabove would snap pics under the sea, while the top half would capture the scene above the water.

Leonard Goh

Have you ever seen photos in which the bottom half of the frame shows the sea while the top portion displays the sky? Well, if you have an underwater camera, you could do that fairly easily by submerging the shooter midway underwater and shooting. Or, you could wait for Han In Kyung's Underabove, a concept dual-lens snapper that does the same thing.

Han's idea is to float the device. The submerged end would have a camera that snaps photos under the sea, while the top half of the shooter would capture the scene above water. It's not stated, but we're guessing the rig will combine the two shots into one.

With waterproof point-and-shoots becoming more mainstream, I wonder if there's any market value in her concept. Still, design-wise, it's definitely noteworthy and has snagged her a red dot design award.

(Source: Crave Asia via Engadget)