Flappy Bird, Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPacify in Podcast 376

We're in a flap about Flappy Bird, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPacify, the Bluetooth binkie leading a bunch of hot British startups.

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Richard Trenholm

The whole world's in a flap about Flappy Bird, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Nokia X -- plus we meet the Bluetooth binkie leading a line-up of clever apps, wearable devices and other inventions from British startups.

We're just weeks away from the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the latest leaks and rumours include circular icons and not one but two sets of specs. Oh, and "fewer gimmicks."

We take a look at why Nokia is planning an Android phone, and find out why addictive game Flappy Bird is ruffling feathers. 

And we check out the British startups showing off a digital dummy, an app that preps for work so you don't have to, and loads of other clever innovations.

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