Five Foursquare Connected Apps you should start using today

Foursquare Connected Apps are becoming increasingly useful. Here are five you should know about.

Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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Jason Cipriani
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This screenshot shows the Weather Channel and Here With Friends Connected Apps. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ CNET

A while back Foursquare launched its Connected Apps platform, which expanded on how you can interact with a check-in after the fact. At first, the release was small with a few developers getting access to the API, but more developers have started making Connected Apps. There are some real gems available now.

Here is a list of five Connected Apps you should connect to your Foursquare account today.

We originally told you about Hash tag Mom earlier this year, well before Connected Apps were announced. Just this week, it was updated to make it a Connected App as well.

Previously, you would have to include the hash tag "#mom" in a shout when you checked into a venue, and #Mom would call or text your Mom letting her know you were at your destination safe and sound. But, it's easy to forget to include the hash tag in your shout.

Now, with #Mom being a Connected App, you're able to skip the hash tag in the shout and tap on the reminder post check-in to send an alert to your mom.

Connect #Mom to your Foursquare account here.

Weather Channel
Regardless if you're in your home city or traveling, it's always good to know the weather forecast for the immediate future. The Weather Channel Connected App will provide you with a six-hour forecast after your first check-in for the day, or when you check in to a new city.

Connect Weather Channel to your Foursquare account here.

After Credits
If you ever wonder whether you should stick around after the credits of a movie to see bonus footage or a sneak peek of an upcoming movie, you'll like this service. When you connect After Credits to your Foursquare account and check in to a movie, you'll be alerted should you need to stick around.

Never miss anything after the credits again.

Connect After Credits to your Foursquare account here.

Eat This, Not That
Eat This, Not That is a handy service for those of you who frequent restaurants and fast food places but are unsure of what are the healthiest, or more importantly, the worst items on the menu.

When connected to your Foursquare account, you'll see an alert after you have checked in to a restaurant that Men's Health has menu data for, telling you what you should and shouldn't order. You may be surprised at some of the results.

Connect Eat This, Not That to your Foursquare account here.

Here With Friends
If you and your friends all use Foursquare, it's a bit comical when you walk into a venue and everyone pulls out their smartphone and checks in. With the Connected App, Here With Friends, you can check in your friends without them having to do a thing, just by mentioning them in your check-in.

After you mention any of your friends who are with you in your check-in, you'll need to wait for the Connected App to show up on your post check-in screen, tap on it, and confirm you want to check your friends in. They will then be checked in to the same venue as you, without having to touch their phones.

In order for the service to work, your friends will have to have Here With Friends connected to their Foursquare account.

Connect Here With Friends to your Foursquare account here.