First pictures of grown-up Harry, Ron, and Hermione in 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'

The boy wizard and his best friends are adults now, but their adventures continue in a stage play -- meet the actors playing the adult wizards.

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Harry Potter is all grown up.

The boy who lived is a husband and father in "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child", a stage play continuing his magical adventures. And now, before you can say "Expelliarmus!" you can check out pictures of Harry, his family and friends -- and old foes -- as grown-ups.

Actor Jamie Parker steps into Daniel Radcliffe's wizard robes to play the adult Harry, now an employee of the Ministry of Magic. Harry and his wife Ginny, played by Poppy Miller, have three kids. The youngest is Albus, played by Sam Clemmett, who struggles with the weight of his family legacy. Whether Albus is the cursed child of the title remains to be seen as details of the plot are tightly under wraps -- but one thing we know is that according to author J.K. Rowling, the show will likely make you cry.

Meet the new Harry Potter as 'The Cursed Child' cast changes

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Meanwhile Ron and Hermione are married too, played now by Paul Thornley and Noma Dumezweni. Newcomer Cherrelle Skeete plays their daughter, Rose Granger-Weasley.

Alex Price is the adult Draco Malfoy, who has continued the Slytherin tradition of nominative determinism by giving his son the villainous-sounding name Scorpius. Scorpius is played by newcomer Anthony Boyle.

The current cast will play the roles until 21 May 2017, after which a new troupe of actors will take over the major roles.

"The Cursed Child" is a continuation of the Harry Potter series, based on a new story by Rowling and written by Jack Thorne with director John Tiffany. Imogen Heap provides the music.

The play is on at London's Palace Theatre and is shown in two parts. If your broomstick won't carry you all the way to London's West End, a book of the script is also available.

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