First Annual California State Parks Week Starts Today: What to Know

You can attend free events in person or virtually across the Golden State.

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The first-ever California State Parks Week has events going through Saturday.

CA State Parks

The first annual California State Parks Week has officially kicked off and will run through Saturday, June 18. Each day has a different theme with a multitude of free events lasting all day long to celebrate California's 279 state parks.

"The parks encompass not only the state's most iconic landscapes, but also the diversity of our people, cultural experiences and moments of joy to be found along thousands of miles of trails," Sam Hodder, president and CEO of Save the Redwoods League, said in a press release.

See below for how California parks are celebrating and how you can get involved by participating in free events through the week. 

Tuesday, June 14: Land Acknowledgement Day

The California State Parks Week kicks off with Land Acknowledgement Day on Tuesday. This day will honor and celebrate the Indigenous voices and stories of Native American lands. Some events happening today include Chumash Culture Day and a Native American basket weaving class. See the full list of events for Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 15: Kids Career Day

On Wednesday, the theme is Kids Career Day. Kids and families are invited to explore the jobs people do to keep the parks running in good condition. Some events this day are Hearst Castle Careers and My Fun Future in the Outdoors. Here's a full list of Wednesday's events.

Thursday, June 16: Health and Wellness Day

Thursday has been designated Health and Wellness Day, where you can explore nearby parks and learn about activities and events to inspire you. You can participate in the Guided Lava Bluffs Trail Hike event or try Nature Journaling for Mental Health. See the full list of events happening Thursday.

Friday, June 17: Stewardship Day

Stewardship Day is Friday's theme, and you can learn about land and habitat management activities involving plants and animals in the parks. Join events such as visiting the Butterfly Garden and attending the Environmental Impacts of Mining and Modern Solutions. Find more events here.

Saturday, June 18: Partnership Day and Volunteer Day 

The final day of California State Parks Week has two themes: Partnership Day and Volunteer Day. You can learn about how businesses, nonprofits and others play a role in managing the California State Park System. To get involved, you can join events like Leo Carrillo Trail Maintenance and Half Moon Bay Volunteer Habitat Restoration. Here are all the Saturday events.