Firefox add-ons for the Digg fanatic

If you're a fan of Digg and you want to extend its functionality in your browser, look no further than these Firefox add-ons.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Don't want to deal with the DiggBar? Or what if you want other tools to help improve your Digg experience? We have you covered with these Firefox add-ons.

DiggBar Remover Start with the DiggBar Remover. It removes the DiggBar when you're browsing. Done? OK, move on to these other add-ons...

Digg Comment Spotlight Sifting through Digg comments can be a pain. But the Digg Comment Spotlight highlights comments on a Digg story that were dugg by other users. So, if you don't want to read comments that were buried or never dugg, the Digg Comment Spotlight will help you quickly find all those comments that others liked. It makes reading comments much easier.

Digg Firefox Extension The Digg Firefox Extension lets you know if the page you're on has been submitted to Digg. If not, you can submit it in just a few clicks. If it has, the extension displays the number of Diggs the story has, how many people have commented on it, and the story's description. My favorite feature is the popular story notification, which pops up whenever a new story hits the front page. Overall, the Digg Firefox Extension is designed well. It's a must-have for any Digg fanatic.

Digg Sidebar
The Digg Sidebar gets in the way. Don Reisinger/CNET

Digg Sidebar The Digg Sidebar gives you real-time updates of all Digg activity. It runs in the sidebar and updates automatically without requiring a refresh. It's useful for some who want constant updates about Digg, but I didn't like how much screen real estate it took up. And resizing it, while possible, reduces its usefulness, since it's harder to read stories. It's best suited to the Digg addict.

Digg This! If you find a story you like, digging it is made simple with the help of Digg This! When you right-click on the page you're browsing and choose the Digg This! option, you'll be brought to the Digg submission page. Beware that you'll need to fill out all the Digg fields to submit the story. That makes it a little annoying.

Interclue opens cached pages for you. Don Reisinger/CNET

Interclue Interclue lets you know when the link you're about to click on might be dead. It also tells you if it contains malware. If it's the former, it gives you the option to see the cached version of the page. If it's the latter, it displays a dialog box telling you not to click on the link. Interclue will also let you view images from the destination site without leaving your current page. I've always been impressed by Interclue and I use it mostly when I'm on Digg. Check it out.

Smart Digg Button The Smart Digg button displays the number of Diggs the respective page has at the bottom corner of your Firefox window. If it hasn't been submitted yet, you can click the button and you'll be brought to the submission page. I really like the Smart Digg Button because it's so simple, yet useful. I just wish it was available on Firefox 3.

Tadsee When the Digg Effect rears its ugly head and you can't access a site, Tadsee will come to the rescue. When you get to the dead page, all you need to do is right-click, choose Tadsee, and you'll see the cached version. I've used it on numerous occasions when a site has been down.