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Final Four: One Carolina tweets politely, the other gets cocky

Commentary: After North and South Carolina both make the Final Four, they offer different tweeting styles.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Elsa, Getty Images

I struggle with the NCAA Championship because I can never decide which unctuous, insincere money-grabber of a coach I'd rather see lose.

Still, once Sunday's two games were over, the whole day hummed with the victory of the sweet Carolinas.

The Universities of North and South Carolina both made it to the Final Four. Each, though, had a very different approach to tweeting.

UNC's Twitter account was the height of positivity. Sample: "THE TAR HEELS ARE GOING BACK TO THE #FinalFour! #GoHeels #GetIntoIt."

Or the very simple: "LUKE MAYE ALL DAY!" in honor of the player who made the winning shot.

UNC is used to being in the biggest dances. South Carolina, not so much. Its Twitter feed, therefore, cocked a snook at all those who didn't even conceive that the so-called Gamecocks would come this far.

Before the game had even tipped, the USC tweeted: "RT if you're part of the 0.6 percent." These were the 0.6 percent of sages who had South Carolina reaching the Final Four in their ESPN brackets.

During the game, the USC feed was offering this about its game against Florida: "Scale from 1-10, how shook is Florida rn?" This was accompanied by a poll in which 74 percent of people decided that, stunningly, Florida was, um, shook to the max.

When victory was complete, the USC tweeters had their most cocky hurrah with a pinned tweet at the very top of the feed.

"Oops, again. #Gamecocks #FinalFour," it read, together with a graphic showing the ESPN experts giving the team only a 20.2 percent chance of winning.

The two Carolinas aren't destined to meet in the semifinals. One can only imagine the goading that might occur, however, should both teams reach the final game.

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