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FileMaker upgrades to version 9

The database software maker has a new version out that can talk to other databases written in SQL.

We haven't heard a lot from the folks at FileMaker recently, but they've got a new version of their database software for PCs and Macs out in stores.

The wholly owned subsidiary of Apple unveiled FileMaker 9.0 Tuesday, the "most dramatic new offering in years," according to the press release. I'll admit it's been years since I checked out FileMaker (it was actually required learning as part of a "computer science for business students" class at Boston College in the mid-1990s). The last major release, FileMaker 8.0, arrived in 2005.

A screen shot of FileMaker 9.0, which was released Tuesday. FileMaker

FileMaker Pro 9.0 organizes contacts, projects and other logistical information for small businesses and departments. The newest version allows users to e-mail links to certain records and adds support for SQL databases so FileMaker users can grab information stored in company databases created using that language.

The basic version costs $299, while the Advanced version will set you back $499. The basic server version is $999, and the Advanced server version is $2,499. Upgrade discounts are also available. Check out FileMaker's Web site for more information on the various versions.