Fears of a clown

To commemorate the release of 'Final Fantasy 6 Advance,' here's one of the most impressive 'Final Fantasy 6' cosplayers ever seen.

Will Greenwald

Final Fantasy 6 Advance shipped yesterday, but it actually will be hitting stores today. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, or who started with Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation, FF6 (FF3M when it was released in America on the Super Nintendo) was one of the greatest entries in the entire Final Fantasy series. It had complex game mechanics that made each character uniquely useful, a truly epic story, and some of the best graphics a 16-bit system could produce.

Most importantly, Final Fantasy 6 had Kefka. Sephiroth might be popular because of his huge sword and pretty hair, but Kefka was by far the better villain. He was crazy, sadistic, and completely evil, and those were his most redeemable qualities. He was also a clown, which makes him at least seven times scarier than he would have been otherwise. I won't spoil anything for those who haven't played yet, but halfway through the game, Kefka really shows just how great a villain he is.

To commemorate the release of Final Fantasy 6 Advance today, here is an amazing and frankly terrifying YouTube video of a Kefka fan at Metrocon in Florida. This guy goes all out with one of the craziest acts I've ever seen at a nerd convention, and I've been to many, many nerd conventions. Pay close attention to 1:15 in the video, where this Kefka cosplayer faces off against a Sephiroth cosplayer. It's hilarious.